Hey Walledlifers, I know it's been awhile.  I had to wait for something to happen...Then too much happened and kept us busy.  Now I can finally sit back and recap.  Well, we just sent the alpacas to a new home.  We kind of fell into it, and while it was fun and they will be missed, we're glad to get back on track to our original plan of Icelandic Sheep and hopefully more yaks.


This Winter has given us some cold snaps, snow storms, and Icy roads, but I wouldn't call it a hard Winter just yet.  February tends to be the month that gets Southerners wondering if they should have moved up here.  We'll see what happens.  I'm hoping for a bit more snow so that the ponds and reservoirs all fill up in the Spring.

I ended up getting the weeks before and after Christmas off.  It wasn't exactly planned that way, but what I thought was just some food poisoning turned out to be acute appendicitis.  At least I got out of the hospital soon enough to spend Christmas at home.

There is not as much of a variety of wildlife to photograph this time of year.  The Eagles are gathering, anxious for calving season.  They're subsisting on road kills right now.  Deer are plentiful.  During the rut I decided to count how many deer I saw on my mail route each day for about a week.  I rarely see less than 100, but there are days I'll count more than 300, putting the average around 200 deer a day.  Despite all of the road kills and poaching attempts.  

While I have no problem with people poaching deer for meat to feed their family, it is upsetting for an animal to suffer as a result of a poor shot.  This doe seemed to be moving just fine, I don't think the arrow hit anything vital, but unless someone is able to remove it from her it will still likely kill her in the long run.

One thing about the cold of Winter that I find  to be beautiful is it's effect on light and the colors it brings out.  Sunrise and Sunset are the best times to see this.


Terry's chomping at the bit to get out on this sunshiny day and take some more pictures!  So...Until Next Week!!  (who am I kidding, let's shoot for a month.)  See you then.

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