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April 25th, 2021

What’s in an eggshell? Since we started raising chickens I’ve come across several variations of eggs. We’ve had double yolks, colors including White, Brown, Green, and Purple. We’ve had soft transparent shells and ones with a ring around the middle. They’ve been big, small, long, skinny, short, or round. One thing I’ve found is that our farm-fresh eggs have more colorful and tasty yolks. Some of them will even dance on the skillet and flip themselves! My cousin’s wife has an egg fetish, she only eats white shelled eggs. I tell her she’s a White Egg Supremacist. One would argue that they’re all the same on the inside. That is until you have farm fresh eggs. We’ve been getting 18 eggs a day and have no trouble finding people willing to buy them.

Terry has hatched fifteen more chicks, then bought ten of different breeds. We will be swimming in eggs when they mature. We also ended up with some chicks of the meat variety that were sent to the wrong address and couldn’t be returned. She’s working on a “chicken tractor” now, (a moveable pen).

The Canadian Geese have been nesting all around the neighborhood Eh! We had one on a muskrat hut in our smaller pond, but something got to the nest. By the ruckus they raise at night you would think they were under siege by armies of predators. I’ve watched eagles diving at waterfowl, but I don’t know if they raid nests for eggs.

Snow geese aren’t regularly found in the Mission Valley but they occasionally stop in for a rest.

Terry got a couple of goslings to keep with the chickens. Apparently, they are supposed to alert the chickens of predators, especially birds of prey. I’m not sure why it’s the chickens that are associated with fear. These geese freak out about everything, like some people I’ve met.

One animal that doesn’t seem to be too scared is the muskrat.

They barely pay attention to you if you don’t make any loud noises or sudden movements.

Everybody is enjoying the change of the seasons.

We see more birds returning almost daily.

From Pelicans

to Meadowlarks

to Hooded Mergansers.

April is fluctuating. It will be nice, warm and sunny for a few days then it turns cold and rainy with the occasional snowstorm.

If you’re lucky the warm weather might land on the weekend.

Life on the farm continues, and multiplies! In addition to 60 new chicks in total, we have a couple of new lambs, with more expected.

Rocket has made friends with the pigs,

the princess is working on her archery skills,

Untitled photo

and Sylvia is disgusted that she isn’t the center of attention!

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