Falling Out

It seems like we skipped the month of July and went straight into full blown fire season, with triple digit temperatures.  It then cooled down in early September a little too quick.  It made one worry about Winter coming too soon.  It has now evened out nicely.  Fall is my second favorite season.  It would be even with Spring if it didn't precede Winter.  I'm not a big fan of extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum.  

The elk are rutting, the deer have rubbed the velvet off their antlers and the bears are eating everything they can, including garbage and anything else they might find in people's yards.

Some birds are flocking to head South while others are taking advantage of the abundance of food available.  Still others are courting.

The last of the wildflowers are going out with a bang, as they bloom before the frost hits.

Hopefully this Fall lasts for several more months.  Don't get me wrong, Winter can be beautiful, it just tends to last too long.

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