Who is Walledlife?

Hello & welcome to our website. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us.

We’re a husband and wife team of artists. We enjoy outdoor/wildlife photography and creating art using various mediums.

Our journey together began in 2013. It started with an introduction and a long hike. We’ve been telling each other “ I love you more!” ever since.

We found that we share many passions and both enjoy living life to the fullest. We’re out hiking or driving every spare minute, looking for more images to capture and moments to experience.


Shawn, born and raised in Montana, has an uncanny ability to identify and locate animals. He’s been doing outdoor and wildlife photography most of his adult life.

Untitled photo

Native to S.C., Terry has spent most of her life in Big Sky Country. She’s techy, enjoys problem-solving and helping others. She also loves the outdoors and fishing is her favorite sport.

Untitled photo

We’ve both shared our photos and art on Social Media over the years, and developed a good following. A couple of years after we met, we began our photography/artwork business adventure. We published walledlife.com where we now blog and create a larger Internet presence together. This enables us to continue to share our adventures but on a much grander scale!

We hope you enjoy our blogs, pictures, artwork, and videos.

We love sharing our adventures and we're always uploading new content. 

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