It’s been interesting watching our furry and feathered wards figure out where and how they fit together in our little society.

We just weened Sylvia off the bottle. She’s actually done better than expected, but she likes to use the ewes as pacifiers. Fury the ram, has become the best one for breaking her of that habit.

He head butts her if she comes around his girls.

We got Sylvia and Rocket at about the same time.

They’re still good buddies.

Rocket is supposed to be a Livestock Guardian. Sylvia however seems to be establishing dominance over him, in a rather embarrassing way.

Then he bites at her (not violently) to try to keep her off him, and gets in trouble because he still has sharp little teeth that draw blood. Luckily Rex is teaching him how to be quick and get out of her way.

Terry goes for walks around the pasture with a procession of animals in tow. Usually it’s Rocket and Sylvia right behind her, then the sheep followed by a few cats.

Sometimes one of the animals takes the lead.

Then they hang out for awhile and just enjoy each other’s company, not to mention a few flakes of hay.

We hope you all had a good Christmas, and everyone at Turtlehead Farm wishes y’all a Happy New Year!

2020 has been a sucky year in a lot of ways, but I’ll always remember it as the year we got this perfect little farm. We love it and hope to keep sharing it with you, as well as our outdoor and wildlife adventures!

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