One of the customers on my mail route always greets me with the same sentence: “Sure is funny weather we’ve been having!” Up until the last couple days, October has been unusually warm. I’m not complaining though, we’ve yet to see how well our new place holds the heat through a Winter.

I’ve been seeing lots of bears on the mail route lately. They’re raiding everybody’s fruit trees, getting ready for hibernation.

One lady was saying she had four different bears that she had to constantly chase off of her deck. She said she loved seeing them but they can be destructive!

October may have been a little out of character for high temperatures, but it hasn’t let us down for fall colors!

Sunsets don’t disappoint either!

Speaking of HOT, the elk rut has been going strong!

Others have been getting into the game also. Did you know the Pronghorn Antelope is the fastest f****r in the Western hemisphere! Much to the female’s dismay.

Deer will be gearing up for their rut anytime now.

Bison finished up their rut a while back and the bulls have since broke off from the rest of the herd to nurse their wounds.

Have you ever seen a Bison with a combover? That’s quite the talent to pick one’s nose with their tongue also. Okay, this bull may not have won over as many ladies this season!

Well I’ve got to fly off to run some errands. Hope to see you soon. Have a Happy Halloween!

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