If there’s ever a time I might dare to long for a cool winter day, late July through August would be that time. If you’re not ready to collapse from heat exhaustion, then you’re likely in the shade being attacked by mosquitoes and flies, or near a water source being swarmed by wasps.

You either have to get up before the heat settles in or go swimming.

Luckily we got a couple days where it didn’t get into the eighties until the afternoon. Some friends were visiting and we got to go hiking down by Kerr Dam with them and a couple of our grandkids.

We took this last week off, but we didn’t get to escape very far from the farm, seeing as how we have to bottle feed Sylvia, (our yak) every four hours.

One could say that Terry is “Sylvia’s Mother”, (the song by Dr. Hook), and Sylvia says “Meh!”

Luckily, we don’t have to escape too far to see some amazingly beautiful sights.

For that matter, we can just “Get Down On The Farm!” There’s all sorts of beautiful things right here.

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