We’ve got the trailcams up and going! With one on the farm pond and another at the grove.

Mama Hooded Merganser and her busy-body toddlers have been a daily sighting on the pond.

This pair of Trumpeter Swans and their reluctant neighbor (the muskrat) have also graced our pond on a regular basis. It’s so nice to see the Trumpeters in the Mission Valley! What a success story, not so long ago they were critically endangered!

Other waterfowl we’ve had include Wood Ducks, Blue Winged Teals, and a pair of Gadwalls.

At the grove we’ve had a raccoon, whitetail Deer and the Coyote Pups triggering the motion sensor.

The pups are growing quickly!

Hopefully they don’t go the way of the weasel, and break into our bird pens!

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