We’ve been trying to keep it on the down-low, so as not to jinx ourselves, it’s been a long and arduous process! After three years on the market, two summers living in campers, a total makeover, and a winter spent in a rental, we finally sold our townhouse. We were originally going to build on my family’s property on Irvine Flats Road. Between county, state, and family, there were too many hoops to jump through! We lucked out and found a nice small farm with ample shop and barn space on eight acres at the top of the hill between Ronan and St. Ignatius. To the North and West are large tracts of wetland habitat that should never be built on. It’s right in the middle of some of our favorite country to explore!

We got six chickens, seven golden pheasants and two turkeys with the place. One pheasant hen and the turkey hen are laying on eggs that will hopefully hatch soon. The tom turkey has been a surprisingly fun addition to the family. He likes to walk the cat walk in front of us if we’re outside. He’s a big beautiful bird. We thought about naming him Jim Acosta since he has the same “Look At Me!” personality as the reporter, but that would be a mouthful. Unfortunately a dog got a hold of him and removed a lot of his pretty feathers, thankfully the fluff kept the dog from doing much bodily harm. He was pretty shaken up and could feel our sympathies. He came to us and rubbed up against us like a cat for comforting.

Our neighbors have all informed us that they’ve had Grizzlies come through there yards already this year. I’m sure we will have some stories to tell down the road about them, but we haven’t seen any yet.

I took my four year old granddaughter for a hike through the wetlands across the road the other day and we got to watch a coyote attack a goose nest. The goslings sneaked through the grass in front of us to a pond as the pair of geese distracted the coyote. Once it noticed us, it took off. I wasn’t able to photograph the encounter. There was some foliage in between us.

We actually own a couple ponds now. There is always something new to see here. Yesterday a flock of Ibis flew low over me by our mailbox. We have all kinds of birds around here.

We also have a pole with a platform for an osprey nest on our property. The nest blew off a couple years ago. We photographed ospreys there for a long time before we had any thought of living here. If they don’t rebuild a nest there this year, we will try our hands at nest building to entice them here next year.

Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular here also.

Despite how busy we’ve been with moving, we have still escaped to explore and photograph occasionally.

Thank you Walledlifers for sticking with us through this crazy time. I hope everyone is safe and not feeling cooped up. There’s lots of fun things you can do while still social distancing.