Hey Walledlifers, I know it’s been awhile, It’s been kind of crazy around here. We’ve still been getting out and taking pics though. Old Man Winter seems to be suffering from dementia this year. He can’t remember what he’s supposed to do. On February 1st we were in the mid sixties! For the last week we’ve been getting snow at night, only to have it melt off during the day. There’s very little snow in the valley, but we have record breaking snow levels in the mountains!

Birds have been the subject of most of our wildlife photography lately. With calving season well underway the eagles are predictable. Waterfowl have been harder to find. It depends on whether or not the ponds are frozen over, which changes from day to day.

We’ve also seen lots of hawks and falcons, it hasn’t been cold enough to push the Redtails, Harriers and Kestrels South, but the Rough-legged Hawks have come down from the arctic.

We’ve been watching a family of muskrats on on a pond this Winter. They’ve been unusually active.

Well, it looks like the sun may decide to come out this morning. I’d better go see if I can catch the sunrise!