Hi Walledlifers! With the start of a new year, I thought I’d give our website a little bit of attention. I’ll be adding more images soon of our products to the main page since we’re able to use some really nice promotional pictures!

I’ve updated the top menu (Home, Gallery, Videos, etc.). That turned out to be quite the task! The old one was very large and I didn’t have an easy way to resize it. But I finally figured it out this evening!

The shop menu has links to all of our products available through our RedBubble store. I’m still working on adding additional shopping links to more of our print on demand products. We’ve really enjoyed the t-shirts, tank tops, prints, and stickers that we purchased, and have even made a few sales. We sold a couple of hard cover journals, and Montana stickers. I haven’t figured out an easy way to promote the products that are available for purchase from our SmugMug gallery, but I’m hoping to get that figured out soon.

The front page has been re-organized a little and the side-panel is still in need of a little attention.

I recently did a few updates to our SmugMug gallery background and I’ve been working on updating photo titles and descriptions, which has turned out to be a never-ending task.

We hope all is well and you’re staying warm! Oh and Happy New Year everyone!

Drop us a line or leave us a comment to let us know how you’re doing, we love hearing from you!

Till next time ~ Peace and Love ~ Terry

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