This morning I found myself missing Route 2.

I recently got my own rural mail route out of Ronan Montana. The drive I regularly do now , (Route 1) runs along the forested foothills of the Mission Mountains.

I see close to a hundred white tailed deer and a similar number of wild turkeys every day.

Occasionally I’ll see an owl, eagle or woodpecker. I was a sub before I got my own regular run, I got to see a variety of wildlife and landscapes. Route 2 runs around farms and ranches and passes through wetlands and the prairie pothole region of the valley with the peaks of the Missions serving as a backdrop for whatever scene I might find.

Cursed to always wake up at 5:30, whether I work or not, I decided to start my day off with a drive along Route 2, in search of a sunrise.

I saw deer, hawks, eagles and the tracks of a Mountain Lion!

Last weekend Terry and I went for a long drive from Ronan to Sloan’s Bridge,

to Hot Springs

then over Garcon Gulch to Irvine Flats

then Polson back to Ronan.

To a warm house and a comfortable bed.

If we don’t get back to you before next Wednesday, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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