Just when we thought it was safe to go outside! snow comes into the forecast AGAIN! The last week has been a mix of rain and sunshine. Easter Sunday was especially warm. We had a barbecue with the kids.

…..and dogs.

The flowers have started to bloom. Yellowbells have been out for a week or two. Shooting stars and Balsam Roots are just starting out.

Shootin star

More ducks are showing up,

charlo cinnamons
shovel ford

Rodents are coming out of hibernation,

musky ford 3
musky ford 5
spring gopher 3

and cormorants are joining the herons at the nests.

nestins 3
nestins 1

Spring creeks are running,

spring runoff 1
spring runoff 2
crow dam 1

and rainbows shining.

Polson Bay Rainbow
easter bubbly 2

All in time for another snowstorm! Oh well, what do you do?