You wouldn’t know at a glance, or if you weren’t from Montana, but Spring is here! Not all of the snow has melted. It didn’t warm up too quickly, resulting in flooding, but it’s been pretty steady.

McDonald Flats 2
Jeep track 2

I’ve been working six days a week, out driving in all of the elements, including but not limited to: slush; ice; mud; ruts; standing water; dust and all mixtures and in-betweens imaginable.

Sandys youngster 2
Cowpie Eaglet

We’ve been going out every weekend looking for Spring, and the elusive Spring birds to let us know it is still coming. The first ones we saw looked like they wished they’d taken that left turn at Albuquerque, or even just hung out there for awhile.

horned lark 1

They’re starting to sing here recently though.

gay little spring song
moose skull robin

We’ve also seen lots of foxes out and about.

pit fox 1
pit fox 3

We are looking forward to seeing more spring birds,and other animals waking from their winter naps. Hell, I’ll be happy just to see more colors! We’ll keep you posted.

Blevins Partridge 3

SO, UNTIL NEXT WEEK!…….(or month, we’ll see how it plays out)…ADIOS!