Hey Walledlifers! Terry here! What have you been up to this winter?

I’ve been working my day job, getting out of the house as often as we can, singing in a garage band (Loose Change 2.0), doing as much art as possible and I’ve been working on ideas for improving our website.

I’ve decided to making changes to the way you reach our products. I’m hoping to make it easier for you to find what your looking for by having products and links all in the same place.

Follow the link to check it out: The Walledlife Store

Or access the link using the Products menu.

I just added a couple of my paintings and some of our stickers! Yes, you can now purchase an original painting!

Once I have our RedBubble and TeeSpring products added, I’ll work on getting some of the SmugMug (photo gallery) products added.

Stay warm everyone! Check back often for new products, and let us know if here is anything you’d like me to paint and I’ll make it happen!

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