Well, I made it this far!  I turned 46 today.  I noticed a couple new wrinkles this morning when I looked in the mirror, not to mention my aching back.  I remember as a kid, my aunt giving my dad a shirt that said “40 Isn’t Old If You’re A Tree!”  Nine years later, he gave it back to her.  Even then, I couldn’t fathom being this old.  According to some, I’m just hitting my prime.  I didn’t think “my prime” would include all of these little defects.  Life seems to be advancing by decades rather than years.  “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.”  As fast as it’s flying by, you’d think I was in a Disney movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun, I just want to have a lot more before I kick it.

Living on an indian reservation, one hears that some tribes believe the owl is the harbinger of death.  As many owls as I see, it’s a wonder there’s any indians left.


There’s a pair of Great Gray Owls on my mail route.  I’m hoping they stick around.  The species isn’t very common around here, and they’re very photogenic.



Winter is creeping in here lately.  Yesterday, I came upon a car wreck outside of Ronan.  It was pea soup fog.   I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it looked like an extended cab pickup was rear ended by a mini van.  The front of the van was caved in and the pickup was across the ditch on the bank with the tail gate bent down and the rear axle thirty feet away from the rest of the truck.  I was about the third person on the scene, other people were helping them out of their cars.  I didn’t see anybody on their phones, so I called 911 and reported the accident.  Then I had to wait there for an hour until I could give my report to an officer.  Everybody was up and moving, some were bleeding, and may have had whiplash or concussions, but there were no fatalities at that point.



Last week we set up a trailcam in a draw above the river.


I’m hoping to go back there today, to see if we got any videos.  It’s near where I proposed to Terry, we call it “Proposal Point.”




Well, back to my Disney movie!  Watch out for owls!