Hey, Walledlifers!  It’s been awhile, but I’m still kickin’.  Winter is still trying to take hold here, but it’s not a white world yet.  The fog has been rolling in though.


Ice has been forming on the ponds,


and the deer have been heavy in the rut!  I had to run out to the car after midnight, about a week ago, and I almost got ran over by a muley buck chasing a doe.


I’ve had to watch out on the mail routes as the deer are chasing each other across the roads and are oblivious to the cars at this time of the year.




We recently traded in our motor home for a pull-behind camper, specifically a 2018 Open Range.  We are storing it at the dealers until spring.  Then we will get a pickup to pull it with.  I wasn’t comfortable driving the motor home on narrow Montana highways.  There was a little to much play in the steering wheel and no room for error!  I’m more familiar with trailers.  I’m hoping it will be less white knuckling with the camper.


I’m thinking strongly of expanding this blog to be about things other than our photography and travels.  I’m kicking around the idea of sharing my warped views and sense of humor on any and all subjects, and (I apologize) the occasional rant to blow off steam.  It will be an experiment, let me know what you think.  In the mean time, take care and keep an eye out for us.