Hey walledlifers, it’s been awhile, my apologies.  We spent the summer in our camper, hoping to sell the house.  No luck there, so we’re moving back into the house for the winter.  I’ve no desire to spend the winter in a camper on top of a windy hill.  We decided to invest in a rent to own shed for storage.  Why not get something we can put on our property and keep when it’s all said and done for a similar price?

We haven’t gotten out as much as we would like to in the last month, but we have escaped a few times.


We set up a trailcam at a pond and also by a cow carcass in hopes of getting some good bear videos.

That’s a wolf to the left, that the bear is looking at!  Here’s a closeup of the wolf!

When we returned to check the trailcam, Terry sat up on a hill above while I changed SD cards.  I had my back turned to the dead cow, so I didn’t see him coming.  If Terry would have warned me she would have scared him off.  So she decided to capture “My Death By Bear” on video!

Just kidding.  The bear ran off when I clapped my hands.

We’ve been to the Bison Range a couple times.  I’d like to get back there again while the elk are still rutting.  According to an article in the Missoulian, the Bison Range is in serious peril!  The Bighorn Sheep died off from a disease.  It’s believed they were exposed because of a breach in the fence.  I watched several trophy size mule deer bucks go out that breach last year.  I haven’t seen some of those bucks since then.  The roads are in worse shape than I’ve ever seen too.  The visitor center was only open a few days a week this summer.  I hope the management improves soon.  It would be a shame to lose such a beautiful treasure.  It has been a big inspiration and part of my life since before I can remember!


Ninepipes Reservoir is another stop along the way to the Bison Range.  We happened upon a family of otters there recently!  That’s the first time I’ve seen otters in the Mission Valley!

Ninepipes otter family

Coyotes have been exceptionally photogenic lately!


Fall is definitely in the air.  I actually like Fall, except that it is a precursor to Winter.  I do hope to be able to migrate with the seasons soon!


Well, the sun is setting on another season of plenty and welcomes in another season of despair, (or renewal, as those annoyingly glass half-full types would say).   Oh well, C’est la vie.