I’ve been burning a little of the midnight oil this evening, enabling a new comments system on our website. I don’t know if I like it yet, but it does provide more features than the basic built in Word Press commenting system. Please let me know if you have any troubles.

We now offer a few ways to sign in  and leave us a comment (1. register for our site, 2. sign-in using google +, 3. Facebook). I’m working on getting the twitter sign in working. I have to register with twitter dev before I can build the new API, and hope to have the twitter login available within a week or two.

Since we chose to enforce a login, it has cut down on our website maintenance time. In a nutshell, we get less spam, and more time to work on the gallery.

We’ve been doing more gallery updates, and hope you like the colors and  photo titles and descriptions. We still have quite a few updates left, but we’re getting there! It still amazes me how many photos we’ve taken and how many of them it took to get those great shots! We’ve also added folders that contain reference photos. The reference photos are ones that we are not selling, but are sometimes used in blogs and are great to use for art reference.

I played around with an app called HP Reveal – not fond of the name, but the app is pretty neat. You take a picture of something and then you place an animation, video, or picture onto the image and create what the application calls an Aura. I was first introduced to the app when it was called Aurasma (https://www.aurasma.com/) at an ASTE conference (https://www.aste.org/) in Anchorage AK.

Tonight I downloaded the HP Reveal app and used it to take a picture of one of the meadowlark photos in our Photo Gallery and then placed a video onto the picture and saved it as a public Aura. Anyone can download the free HP Reveal app to their smart phone (using the app store).

Open the app and press the scan button, then point the smart phone at the meadowlark photo in our gallery (you’ll need to have the gallery open on a different phone, table, or computer) to “reveal” a video of a meadowlark singing!

Wow, now it is quite late! I need to get myself off to bed. Thanks for reading and following Shawn and I in our adventures! Please drop us a comment using our new comment at the bottom of our posts or comment on your favorite picture, we’d love to hear from you! ~Terry