We packed the van Friday night so all we would need to do is get up, drive down to the museum and get setup. We didn’t get much rest in anticipation for our first time having a booth! Shawn woke me up just before the sun crested the Mission Mountains.

We got dressed, coffee in hand (my hand ;), and headed off to Ninepipes.

We had purchased a bunch of our products from our SmugMug Gallery and also from TeeSpring to sell at the Art Fair. We also had several prints that were ordered from a local print shop along with other various one of a kind pieces. We set up the booth in Aunt Rachel’s garage on July 4th which helped greatly in enabling a quick setup and teardown on Event day!

Several friends stopped by our booth and we sold a couple of items. We handed out quite a few business cards (best $10 Ever! Thanks Vistaprint!), met some great new connections, and made some new friends!

We enjoyed exploring the nature trails located behind the museum. If you haven’t been to the museum in a while, we recommend stopping in! They have wonderful art work on display, historical exhibits, along with a good variety of locally made gifts.

Thank you Jo and Kathy for inviting us to have a booth at the Cultural Arts Fair and for the awesome hospitality. We had a great time hanging out in the sun (and shade), listening to music, and meeting fellow vendors, artists, and musicians. We hope to return next year!




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