As we pulled into the Bison Range we were greeted by this familiar bull elk.  We’ve gotten many pictures of him and hope to get many more.

Droptine at entrance

We met up with my aunt and cousins at the picnic area.  Following a good visit, and some good food we headed out on the Red Sleep Drive.  A couple miles in, we found this young blonde phase black bear turning over rocks on the hillside.

At the top of the drive we spotted another bear down at the bottom of the hill.  We took pictures but he was a bit far for them to turn out very good.  We also found this bull bison at the top.

Red Sleep Bull View 1 2018

It was a nice day, even the bugs were enjoying it!

sex on the susan1 2018

trench terminus

Mission View 1 2018

Sleepy Muley

When we got down by Mission Creek, we started seeing deer with their newborn fawns.

Hidden Kiddo 1 2018

Mud Crossing

For cute

Big Bunch o bull 1 2018

Susan1 2018

Flowers were blooming everywhere!

Switchback thistle

As always, the Bison Range never disappoints!

We have had some more adventures, as soon as I get our images and videos organized, I’ll share them with you!  Hopefully this weekend will get us caught up.