Friday evening (June 2nd) Shawn and I set out on a road trip that would eventually take us through 5 States including 6 National Parks. We visited with family and friends along the way. Those that we missed this trip, hopefully we’ll see ya next time around.

Prior to the trip, we did some research using to find a free spot to setup our tent. We were pleasantly surprised to find a free camp ground located at Clark Canyon Reservoir, and not to far from the Freeway.  We left our home around 3pm and drove until almost sunset and located the camp ground. We setup camp, had some dinner, took a couple pictures and off to bed.



We didn’t sleep to well since we froze our butts off! We learned that first night that we needed more blankets or a couple of nice sleeping bags. I have to admit, even though it was cold, it was beautiful to see so many stars filling the sky, when I had to find my way to the outhouse in the middle of the night!

The next morning we drove in to Dell, MT for breakfast at the Dell Calf-a. It’s an old schoolhouse with the menu written out on the blackboard. The Calf-a regulars were fascinated with our right hand drive Jeep. One whispered to another,  “Did you see the blimey bloke that drove up in the Jeep with the steering wheel on the wrong side?”  We had a chuckle, I had some coffee, and we enjoyed  a nice warm breakfast before hitting the road again.

We stopped at a rest area  south of Idaho Falls. It was located in the middle of an ancient lava flow. I took a walk around the self guided trails while Shawn took a power nap.



idaho rest stop

I met a nice young lady who shared some hot water with me so that I could make another cup of coffee in my handy coffee press cup that Rachel gave me for my Birthday! Thanks Rachel, I really like the cup and it came in very handy for the entire trip!  We proceeded on to our next planned destination – Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge near Brigham City, UT.

We arrived at the Bird Refuge and walked around the boardwalk. Shawn found the largest garter snake either of us had ever seen.


We took a drive through the park and got some great pictures of Waterfowl, Shorebirds, and scenery. I’m posting some of the best pics, please visit the following galleries for more pictures: Summer LandscapeWaterfowlSongBird, and ShoreBird.




-Yellow Headed Black Bird-


-Male Pelican-


-Cinnamon Teal-


-Western Grebe-


-Pied Billed Grebe-


-Coot and Baby-


-Pelican and Horse Fly-


-Snowy Egret and Double Crested Cormorant-


-White Faced Ibis-




-Great Blue Heron-

Check out the new videos that we just uploaded also take at the Bird Refuge:

Newest Videos

Here’s a 360 view from the middle of the refuge:

After the Bird Refuge, we braved the gauntlet of I-15 South through the Salt Lake area and arrived at Shawns daughter Jessica’s house in Payson, UT Saturday evening.

We had dinner, and a great visit with Jessica, Rustin, Kiera, and Kaydiance and settled in for a much needed rest.

To be continued……


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