We broke camp and headed East.  At the junction we turned South onto Notom-Bullfrog Road to explore the Waterpocket Fold’s Eastern side.

Notom road 1 2017

Notom road 2 2017

The Henry Mountains dominated the Eastern Skyline with the Red and Yellow formations of the Waterpocket Fold to the West.

Henry Mountains 1 2017

Waterpocket Fold 4 2017

Waterpocke Fold Panorama 2 2017

In the Strike Valley there are several ridges of different formations running parallel North and South.

Strike Valley 2 2017

Strike Valley 6 2017

It’s really cool looking from a high observation point, if you can find it on Google Earth it’s well worth a look.

We didn’t see much wildlife but there was a lot of deer sign, lizards, and the occasional bull snake on the road.

Notom Bullsnake 1 2017

After thirty-something miles of washboard road there’s a turnoff to the right called Burr Trail.

Burr Trail 1 2017

Burr Trail 2 2017

It is the only road to cross over the top of the Waterpocket Fold.

Burr Trail 5 2017

Burr Trail Panorama 1 2017

It’s an impressive set of switchbacks that takes you up to a sage covered plateau where the road continues on to the town of Boulder.

We drove to the top then turned around and went back down to continue our Southerly route.

Moonscape 2 2017

Burr Trail Canyon View 1 2017

After the Burr Trail turnoff the valley opened up some and the Henrys loomed large to our left as we came around their southern boundary.

Henry Mountains 5 2017

Henry Mountains 3 2017

Canyons opened up and showed many different colors and sedimentary formations.

Henry mountains 4 2017

Henry Mountains Panorama 1 2017

Henry Mountains 2 2017

tailings 1 2017

We finally found another sign of life as we stopped to photograph some scenery.  We happened to stop right next to a jack rabbit’s hole.

Jack Rabbit 5 2017

He was determined to go back into his home and wouldn’t run away from us.

Bullfrog 2 2017

Moonscape 5 2017

That could have had something to do with the 109 degree temperatures that were shining down on us as we neared the lower elevations near Lake Powell.  With the ferry not in operation at Bullfrog Marina, we turned North and headed to Highway 95 then took the southeast route towards the town of Hite and the East end of Lake Powell.

Lake Powell 5 2017

Lake Powell 1 2017

Lake Powell Panorama 1 2017

It was beautiful views all the way with impressive canyons opening up below us before we descended to cross the Colorado River.

Lake Powell 4 2017

With night creeping up on us we started searching for a place to make camp for the night.  We thought we had found a perfect spot, we stopped, cracked open a drink and were prepared to set up the tent, but then they found us.

Lake Powell 6 2017

Gnats!  swarming to get into our ears, eyes and nose.  I’d have preferred mosquitoes any day.  We abandoned that spot and continued down the road until sunset found us coming down into a cottonwood filled canyon with a free campground.

Cottonwood Canyon 1 2017

As we settled in for the night the moon rose over the rock wall that the the road cut through as it continued East.

Moonrise 2 2017

Cottonwood camp 1 2017

Beautiful without the bugs!

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